Books by Diana Cohn

CRANE BOY by Diana Cohn
by Diana Cohn, illustrated by Youme
Released: Oct. 6, 2015

"Gracefully celebrates both a little-known culture and its beloved birds. (Informational picture book. 6-9)"
The black-necked cranes that return to Kinga's village in Bhutan each winter inspire the schoolboy to convince his classmates and the local monks to create a festival in their honor. Read full book review >
Released: June 11, 2011

"A concluding free-verse poem celebrating the benefits of fair trade and environmental consciousness will resonate more with readers than the mostly instructive text. (afterword) (Picture book. 6-9)"
Isabella, an aspiring writer and daughter of rose-farm workers in Ecuador, relates the story of her family's livelihood. Read full book review >
THE BEE TREE by Stephen Buchmann
Released: May 1, 2007

In Malaysia, the yearly wild-honey hunts take place on moonless nights when the bees can't see the men who climb the tualang, the tall bee trees. Read full book review >
DREAM CARVER by Diana Cohn
Released: June 1, 2001

"Begin it now'—may exceed the grasp of the children for whom the book is intended, but Cordova's depictions of Mateo's animals may win them over. (Picture book. 4-8)"
Mateo, a young boy who lives in the southern Mexican village of Monte Alban, learns to carve traditional wooden toys (juguetes) at his father's side. Read full book review >