Books by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

SECRET OF THE MOUNTAIN DOG by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: Oct. 28, 2014

"A solid adventure threaded through with spiritual undercurrents. (Fiction. 8-12)"
Is there a demon hiding in a Catskills monastery? Read full book review >
A TASTE OF FREEDOM by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: Feb. 11, 2014

"A gentle introduction to Gandhi's remarkable work. (map, resource list). (Picture book. 4-9)"
An old man recalls the extraordinary time when, as a young boy, he joined an older brother in following Mahatma Gandhi on his long march to gather salt from the sea. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 2012

"Seekers of ghostly shivers should probably look elsewhere. (Adventure. 9-12)"
Ghost dog, stray or wolf? What lurks down the trail to Dorothy Creek? Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 2010

"Readers will cheer for Moxie as she charts her path toward self-acceptance. (Fiction. 10-14)"
Thirteen-year-old Moxie is fully cognizant of the burdens attendant upon being named after two presidents and an obscure soft drink. Read full book review >
BOY ON THE LION THRONE by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: March 1, 2009

"Final art (not seen) will include photographs with captions. (index) (Biography. 8-12)"
In 1937, Tibet had been without a Dalai Lama for four years. Read full book review >
MY PENGUIN OSBERT IN LOVE by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: Jan. 13, 2009

"Kimmel and Lewis employ the same combination of understated text against sweetly ironic watercolor-and-pastel illustrations, but even though this story goes all the way to Antarctica and back, it hasn't the emotional or humorous legs of its predecessor—a shame. (Picture book. 6-9)"
The child-and-penguin duo introduced in the fresh and funny My Penguin Osbert (2004) returns for a pallid new adventure. Read full book review >
GLAMSTERS by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: Oct. 7, 2008

"For sophisticated readers with enough emotional distance, it's a hoot and a half. (Picture book. 6-9)"
Harriet Hamster and her sister Patricia have gone unadopted for far too long. Read full book review >
SUDDENLY SUPERNATURAL by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: June 1, 2008

"A satisfying start to a new series, this will especially appeal to tweens who like their paranormal with a touch of humor and some daily life. (Fantasy. 9-12)"
Kat is used to her mom's being a medium, but when Kat herself begins seeing the dead, it's the last thing she wants. Read full book review >
SPIN THE BOTTLE by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: April 1, 2008

"Great fun, with many laugh-out-loud truths. (Fiction. 10-14)"
Seventh-grader Phoebe Hart desperately wants to be an actress, so she overcomes her self-consciousness enough to join the Drama Club, landing a minor role in Guys and Dolls. Read full book review >
THE TOP JOB by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: July 1, 2007

"Fizzy, fascinating and eminently kid-friendly. (Picture book. 5-8)"
Emma's father searches for UFOs; Elizabeth's mother's a jeweler; Aidan's mother's a NASCAR driver—but this story's unnamed protagonist's father changes light bulbs. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 26, 2006

"This latest entry in the long-standing Landmark history series will especially appeal to middle-grade readers grown beyond their first fascination with dinosaurs and ready to learn more about the scientists who opened up this field, sometimes literally. (index, bibliography) (Nonfiction. 8-10)"
A straightforward chronological account of the lives, work and conflicts between O.C. Marsh and Edward Cope, pioneers in the newly developed field of paleontology, whose 19th-century feud led to countless discoveries, bitter bickering in scientific journals and destruction of some fossil specimens. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 1, 2006

"Très bien. (Fiction. 9-12)"
Bonjour, faithful readers. Read full book review >
LILY B. ON THE BRINK OF LOVE by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: Sept. 1, 2005

"Heartwarming and funny, with supporting characters who are just as cleverly constructed as the heroine. (Fiction. 9-14)"
Future world-famous writer Lily Blennerhassett is on the brink of success. Read full book review >
MY PENGUIN OSBERT by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: Oct. 1, 2004

"Salutary reading for all children campaigning for a pet. (Picture book. 7-9)"
Thanks to an unseen but unusually obliging Santa, this cautionary tale of a lad discovering the hazards of even carefully phrased wishes reaches a happy resolution. Read full book review >
LILY B. ON THE BRINK OF COOL by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: Nov. 1, 2003

"A delightful heroine, sweeter than predecessors Georgia Nicholson and Adrian Mole—and hilarious. (Fiction. 9-14)"
Pay attention, future biographers. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 26, 2003

Updating Janeway's The Vikings (1951), this volume in the revived Landmark Books series draws not only on the old sagas, but also from more recent research, including archaeological discoveries in the 1960s, to reconstruct Leif Eriksson's life and exploratory voyage to this continent. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 28, 2003

Woolly mammoths, giant sloths, a race of tiny cannibals, erupting volcanoes, a salt mountain—did these things really exist in the unexplored northwest? Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2000

"A worthwhile effort inspired by a scene from To Kill a Mockingbird. (Fiction. 10-12)"
What at first appears to be a novel about average middle-schoolers and their tiny traumas reaches more depth as an intergenerational study of likenesses and differences, standing up for oneself, and righting past wrongs. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 1, 1999

"Anthropomorphic analysis of Balto's 'feelings' and 'thoughts' are included, detracting from the tale for all but the most fanatical of dog-lovers. (b&w illustrations, not seen) (Nonfiction, ages 8-11)"
paper 0-679-89198-6 This Stepping Stone entry takes on the story of Balto, which, in its facts, is thrilling: a Siberian husky becomes lead dog on his team and tracks through a raging blizzard to bring desperately needed antitoxin serum to Nome in 1925. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 26, 1999

"Kimmel tells the exciting story well; the riveting adventure may inspire further interest in history and exploration. (index, not seen, bibliography) (Nonfiction. 8-12)"
Another well-researched, well-written entry in a recent spate of books (Jennifer Armstrong's Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World, 1999), articles, and exhibitions about the amazing survival of the crew of the Endurance. Read full book review >
IN THE STONE CIRCLE by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: April 1, 1998

"The problems: A ghost, daughter of a 13th-century rebel, is uncommonly able and rational (with a good command of modern English), and the various plot lines are so weakly joined that they're all but independent. (Fiction. 11-13)"
Ghosts and a history lesson bring out an American teenager's long-suppressed grief in this engaging, but overstuffed, debut. Read full book review >