Books by Robert Neubecker

Released: Oct. 10, 2017

"Cardboard boxes and duct tape are sure to turn up missing in many a household as spaceships roar into screen-free adventures. (Picture book. 3-8)"
Sneering punk snowmen—check. Crazed killer snow bunny—check. Rampaging fanged snow monster—check. Space boy Niko's third rip-roaring adventure is ready for takeoff. Read full book review >
KING LOUIE'S SHOES by D.J.  Steinberg
Released: July 11, 2017

"Young readers will kick up their heels at such frivolity. (biographical facts) (Picture book/biography. 3-8)"
Steinberg and Neubecker go for baroque in this tale of Louis XIV. Read full book review >
FALL IS FOR SCHOOL by Robert Neubecker
Released: June 20, 2017

"Neubecker should have called it quits after his amazing Wow! School! (2007)."
The same brother-sister duo from Winter is for Snow (2013) this time looks at fall's big marker: the start of school. Read full book review >
WINTER IS FOR SNOW by Robert Neubecker
Released: Oct. 29, 2013

"Another snowy day book, but not special enough to recall Keats' masterpiece. (Picture book. 3-5)"
A paean to wintertime and especially its snowy weather, this picture book fails to match the achievement of the many others that deal with this popular theme. Read full book review >
Released: July 9, 2013

"Though they may have fun with it, readers' attempts to sink their teeth into this story will find them gummed up with uncertain conclusions. (Picture book. 3-7)"
This dino with a penchant for greenery means well, but his tale is clearly hampered by its confusing message. Read full book review >
SHIVER ME TIMBERS! by Douglas Florian
Released: Aug. 28, 2012

"It's not a stretch to say that if Shel Silverstein himself were to have dabbled in the piratical he could not have come up with a better selection of scurvy doggerel than the delicious verses found here. (Picture book/poetry. 4-8)"
Arr! 'Tis a bonny day indeed when piratical inclinations are recorded with such florid nastiness as that found in this stellar collection of seagoing poems for salty dogs. Read full book review >
Released: July 31, 2012

"Parents and educators may frown at the messy choices made here, but budding artists and those who have ever felt misunderstood will cheer on this 'time out' king. Purple footprints leading off the final page point to further creative pursuits. (Picture book. 3-6)"
A pointed finger sends a boy to a "time out" and into a colorful world he creates with crayons and his overactive imagination. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2012

"One romping celebration of boyhood to read again and again. (Picture book. 3-8)"
"What are little boys made of?" In Neubecker's hands, the answer is a whole lot of fun! Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 6, 2012

"In the end, however, they all testify to something important: Presidents are only men (so far, anyway) and capable of every mortal weakness and weirdness. (Picture book/poetry. 6-9)"
This gathering of presidential foibles and fancies covers the gamut, from George W. the First to Barack. Read full book review >
TICK TOCK CLOCK by Margery Cuyler
Released: Jan. 1, 2012

"Any new reader lucky enough to spend a day with Grandma will want to read this to her. (Early reader. 3-5)"
Grandma spends a busy day with her twin granddaughters in a day filled with action, rhythm and rhyme. Read full book review >
WOW!  OCEAN! by Robert Neubecker
Released: May 17, 2011

"This ideal post-aquarium-visit souvenir has similar child appeal. (Picture book. 3-7)"
The excitement of the ocean world from the beach to the deep and all between is conveyed by the jam-packed illustrations in this celebration. Read full book review >
AIR SHOW! by Treat Williams
Released: June 15, 2010

"Though thin on plot, this first book from actor and flight instructor Williams is a perfect book for kids who love planes and flying. (Picture book. 5-8)"
Airplane-crazy kids will find new friends in Ellie, who longs to fly stunt planes, and Gill, her know-it-all brother, as they take an exciting flight to the air show in their father's plane. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 10, 2009

"Readers will too. (Picture book. 4-8)"
Straight shooter Sophie Peterman gives readers the lowdown on babies: They are your "worst nightmare." Read full book review >
THE GREAT DOG WASH by Shellie Braeuner
Released: July 7, 2009

"The dogs are an amiable bunch, thoroughly enjoying their new hairdos, bows and bandanas, and the multiethnic group of children is a confidence-inspiring creative group whose know-how and adaptability give them something both fun and worthwhile to do on a warm summer day. (Picture book. 2-6)"
Short, rhyming text, bold but simple illustrations and a pack of cheerful canines add up to a winning dog tale that is simple enough for younger preschoolers who are just starting to enjoy their first stories with a complete plot. Read full book review >
I GOT TWO DOGS by John Lithgow
Released: Oct. 21, 2008

"Deathless verse this ain't; Lithgow's slight, amiable book works best as a read-along for his catchy song. (Picture book. 3-6)"
Pooches are playful...and sorta crazy, too, but ya gotta love 'em. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 2008

"Well-timed for Halloween, but with no specific mention of the holiday, it can be used—and will be enthusiastically welcomed—year-round. (Picture book. 3-7)"
A beastly construction crew erects a behemoth of a building, in verse! Read full book review >
SCHOOL FEVER by Brod Bagert
Released: July 1, 2008

"Her attention's all on me'—is buried under a heap of school-related clichés: bad cafeteria food, the wonder of books, the injustice of punishment, too much homework, etc. Ho hum. (Picture book. 5-7)"
A tiresome collection of forced verse follows one young scholar from a reluctant beginning through a school year full of the usual hijinks and out on the other side to summer and the entirely unconvincing assertion that "I'm a kid who loves to know!" Read full book review >
THE TOP JOB by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Released: July 1, 2007

"Fizzy, fascinating and eminently kid-friendly. (Picture book. 5-8)"
Emma's father searches for UFOs; Elizabeth's mother's a jeweler; Aidan's mother's a NASCAR driver—but this story's unnamed protagonist's father changes light bulbs. Read full book review >
WOW! SCHOOL! by Robert Neubecker
Released: June 1, 2007

"As a celebration of that nearly universal experience, the first day of school, it is nothing other than perfect. (Picture book. 3-6)"
Having conquered New York City and the rest of the United States (Wow! Read full book review >
COURAGE OF THE BLUE BOY by Robert Neubecker
Released: Oct. 1, 2006

"The metaphor's plainly doing the driving here, but is clear enough to be understood by younger readers too, and broad enough to be interpreted in either a personal or a cultural way. (Picture book. 6-8)"
In a still boldly drawn but less frenetic outing than Wow, City! (2004) and Wow, America! Read full book review >
HATTIE HIPPO by Christine Loomis
Released: Aug. 1, 2006

"Disappointing. (Picture book. 6-8)"
Hattie Hippo is fat. Read full book review >
WOW! AMERICA! by Robert Neubecker
Released: May 1, 2006

"Midwest—but the steady, vibrant intensity of his national portrait (the children even get to Hawaii) will carry readers irresistibly along. (endpaper maps) (Picture book. 5-8)"
The creator of Wow! Read full book review >
BEASTY BATH by Robert Neubecker
Released: Oct. 1, 2005

"The rhythm of the rhyming couplets is perfect for a bedtime read-aloud, while the illustrations provide a chance for pretending. (Picture book. 3-7)"
A loving mother catches her beast for the start of a beloved bedtime ritual. Read full book review >
WOW! CITY! by Robert Neubecker
Released: Sept. 1, 2004

"Filled with energy and excitement, this works as a travel guide for the very youngest readers and fun title to share for programs and lap-sit reads. (Picture book. 2-6)"
A young girl comes down from her mountain home for a visit to New York City with her father. Read full book review >