Books by Esther Allen

Released: May 28, 2013

"Perhaps too textually dense for general readers, but the book raises and clarifies a variety of significant issues about the many decisions translators must contend with."
Translators reflect on their work: its mechanics, frustrations, rewards and meanings. Read full book review >
REX by José Manuel Prieto
Released: April 8, 2009

"A shimmering Fabergé egg of a novel, so hermetic and tightly knit that many readers may fall by the wayside. But those who loved the inspired legerdemain of Prieto's debut should not miss it."
Another Nabokovian puzzle shrouded in carefully maintained ambiguity, from the acclaimed author of the Nocturnal Butterflies of the Russian Empire (1999). Read full book review >
IN HER ABSENCE by Antonio Muñoz Molina
Released: July 10, 2007

"A sly, supremely stylish entertainment."
A celebrated Spanish author (Sepharad, 2003, etc.) contemplates identity and desire in this smartly amusing novella. Read full book review >
Released: July 7, 2006

"Not exactly effortlessly readable, but a skillful treatment of its unusual and tricky subject."
The international sex trade becomes the unlikely source of an ironic metamorphosis in the prizewinning Spanish newspaper columnist and author's 2003 novel (his first in English translation). Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 10, 2004

"Written with dignity and without rhetoric or undue emotion: when this author flays her feelings, it's because she is utterly alive and in protest."
The momentous year in Cuba that transformed the author from dancer into one of the most charringly honest journalists at work today. Read full book review >
LANDS OF MEMORY by Felisberto Hernandez
Released: June 28, 2002

"But his uniquely personal, willfully elusive stories are very much worth reading."
The mysteriousness inherent in everyday phenomena and the bizarre, sometimes romantic relationships between people and the objects with which they surround themselves are the constants in this arresting collection: a gathering of six stories by the Uruguayan fabulist (1902-64), whose odd fiction intermittently resembles that of Borges, Calvino, and Cortázar. Read full book review >
Released: July 3, 2001

"A passionate, dreamlike memoir that draws you into its reverie."
A literary memoir from the wife of one of the most beloved figures in children's literature. Read full book review >
DARK BACK OF TIME by Javier Marías
Released: April 25, 2001

"And—despite a certain donnish smugness that tends to surface at even Marias's most outrageously melodramatic moments—a surprisingly entertaining book."
The densely tangled prose and meditative intensity that made Spanish author Marias's All Souls and A Heart So White (both 1996) memorable (if demanding) reading experiences is put to decidedly different uses in this clever and amusing 1998 novel. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 24, 1999

"Fresh translations, useful and unintrusive notes (editor Weinberger has also translated the poetry of Octavio Paz), several new pieces of writing, but not a leap into an altered vision of Borges. (First serial to Grand Street)"
Familiar essays and lectures by the great Argentine fantasist, plus many hitherto uncollected pieces. Read full book review >
MY PHANTOM HUSBAND by Marie Darrieussecq
Released: May 1, 1999

"Little happens, but little needs to, in a memorable dramatization of the unknowability of those closest to us and, hence, of ourselves."
My Phantom Husband ($19.95; May; 160 pp.; 1-56584-538-2): In this compact second novel by the popular author of Pig Tales (1997), an unnamed woman experiences a vivid roller-coaster barrage of emotions and fantasies after her perfectly conventional husband goes out on an errand, and never returns. Read full book review >