Books by Frances Kazan

THE DERVISH by Frances Kazan
Released: April 12, 2013

"Despite some wooden dialogue, Kazan opens a window into a time period and a culture largely ignored or forgotten in the 21st century."
Kazan explores the exciting and dangerous time in Turkey—or Anatolia—shortly after World War I, when Turkish nationalists under Mustafa Kemal are fighting to establish a post-Ottoman regime. Read full book review >
HALIDE’S GIFT by Frances Kazan
Released: July 3, 2001

"A memorable read: heartfelt, historical, richly realistic. Maybe Kazan can persuade husband Elia to direct a movie version."
In this quasi-mystical second novel by Kazan (Good Night, Little Sisters, not reviewed), two girls reach maturity in Constantinople during the tumultuous decade 1890-1900. Read full book review >