Books by Francesca Duranti

LEFT-HANDED DREAMS by Francesca Duranti
Released: Nov. 1, 2000

"You may find yourself yawning in the company of Martina Satriano, but you'll want to hear more about Lobster Amoricaine."
The protagonist and narrator of this unfortunately tepid meditative novel is Martina Satriano, an Italian-American academic whose return journey to Rome (after many years away) for her mother's funeral occasions a series of dreamlike reminiscences of her years in both countries, former loves and occupations (in Italy, she had worked as a chef to support her family), and musings about the unlived lives she might have had. Read full book review >
THE HOUSE ON MOON LAKE by Francesca Duranti
Released: Nov. 1, 2000

"Ingenious, absorbing, and capped by a terrific surprise ending."
Reissued to accompany Italian novelist Duranti's most recent book (see above), this multiple prizewinner (which first appeared in English translation in 1986) constructs an absorbing psychodrama from its faintly rarefied premise: a translator's surreal experience of the forgotten book and author that he (as it were) resurrects. Read full book review >
PERSONAL EFFECTS by Francesca Duranti
Released: March 1, 1993

Hunting for literary treasure is again the subject of a Duranti novel; in The House on Moon Lake (1986), this Italian author's debut, the quarry was a lost masterpiece; in her slim third novel, it's an elusive Eastern European writer. Read full book review >

This Italian novelist's debut (The House on Moon Lake, 1986) was a winner—a spooky, high-stakes story about a casualty of the literary racket; in this second novel, Duranti surveys a group of well-to-do Tuscans on their ancient estate one summer weekend, but the tone is uncertain (fitfully comic) and the stakes negligible. Read full book review >