Books by Gillian Bradshaw

THE SOMERS TREATMENT by Gillian Bradshaw
Released: May 1, 2003

"Bradshaw (The Wrong Reflection, 2000, etc.) generates considerable suspense over what's going to become of Madhab, though considerably less over who's responsible and why."
Madhab Limbu had the bad luck to be born deaf in a Nepalese village far from the kind of medical care that could have given him hearing as an infant, but the good luck to meet Dr. Janet Morley when he was 12. Read full book review >
THE WOLF HUNT by Gillian Bradshaw
Released: Aug. 1, 2001

"The usual Bradshaw: simple plot, good narration, and nice period coloring."
The latest historical from Cambridge classicist Bradshaw (The Wrong Reflection, 2000, etc.) takes us into the courts of medieval France during the time of the Crusades. Read full book review >
CLEOPATRA’S HEIR by Gillian Bradshaw
Released: June 1, 2001

"Moves well, with a steady flow of detail, but for artistic immediacy falls below such pop classics as Mika Waltari's The Egyptian (1949)—not to mention Wild Bill Shakespeare's purple play."
Historical set in Egypt after the defeat of Marcus Antonius, without the supernatural trappings of Bradshaw's Wolf Hunt (2001, etc.) and with epilepsy now replacing lycanthropy. Read full book review >
THE WRONG REFLECTION by Gillian Bradshaw
Released: Nov. 1, 2000

"Versatile Bradshaw (The Sand-Reckoner, p. 204, etc.) turns from historical fiction to ring the changes on star-crossed lovers who, in this case, are fresh, consistently interesting, and head a cast much more empathic than usual for the thriller genre."
Plucky young heroine, otherworldly hero, grasping industrialist—such is the cast in this offbeat, entertaining British thriller. Read full book review >
THE SAND-RECKONER by Gillian Bradshaw
Released: April 6, 2000

"But the gods seem able to write straight with crooked lines, and Archimedes learns much from his work as a military engineer that helps him to become one of the greatest physicists of the ancient world."
The Sand-Reckoner ($23.95; Apr. 6; 352 pp.; 0-312-87340-9): More historical fiction from Bradshaw (Island of Ghosts, 1998, etc.), who this time out takes us to ancient Greece. Read full book review >
ISLAND OF GHOSTS by Gillian Bradshaw
Released: Aug. 17, 1998

"A nicely detailed, if slow-paced, historical romance."
The dependable Bradshaw offers yet another historical fiction set in the ancient world (Horses of Heaven, 1991, etc.). Read full book review >
BEYOND THE NORTH WIND by Gillian Bradshaw
Released: April 15, 1993

"Bradshaw imagines the ancient world as it might have been—and also tells a rousing and engrossing adventure story. (Fiction. 10+)"
In return for freeing the cruel, one-eyed Arimaspians from the curse of brutality, giving them back their eyes and tears and, in the process, saving the peaceful griffins from them, Apollo gives Aristeas magic and music but also dooms him to wander the world. Read full book review >
THE LAND OF GOLD by Gillian Bradshaw
Released: Oct. 23, 1992

"As funny, lively, and altogether delightful as its predecessor. (Fiction. 10+)"
In a sequel to The Dragon and the Thief (1991), the benign and articulate dragon Hathor and her klutzy but quick-witted Egyptian friend Prahotep join forces with an indomitable Nubian princess. Read full book review >
THE DRAGON AND THE THIEF by Gillian Bradshaw
Released: Sept. 16, 1991

"Since the story concludes before Hathor has a chance to determine her relatives' fate, a sequel seems in order. (Fiction. 10-15)"
In a fantasy-adventure set in ancient Egypt, young Prahotep finds himself allied with Hathor, last of the dragons. Read full book review >