Books by Hilary Hemingway

Released: July 1, 2000

"Hilary honors her father and celebrates her family legacy with this collection of fantastic hunting stories."
Hemingway and Lindsay (Dreamland, 1998) carry the Hemingway traditions of hunting, family, and storytelling into the new millennium. Read full book review >
DREAMCHILD by Hilary Hemingway
Released: June 16, 1998

"Fun, but unlike tales by abduction specialist Budd Hopkins, less than convincing."
Borrowing a title from Dennis Potter, Hemingway (niece of Ernest) and her husband Lindsay continue a tale begun with Dreamland (1995), wherein Annie Katz seemingly lost her four-month foetus when it was abducted from her body by aliens but later returned so she could carry it to term. Read full book review >
DREAMLAND by Hilary Hemingway
Released: Feb. 1, 1995

"Obviously a far cry from Papa Hemingway's realism, Dreamland is spotty SF that takes an occasional, if unintentional, satirical swipe at space-age angst. (Author tour)"
Anyone who still believes that visitors from outer space are little wrinkled green men with weaving antennae are in for some surprises in this novel by Hemingway (niece of Ernest) and her husband, Lindsay. Read full book review >