Books by Jacqueline West

A STORM OF WISHES by Jacqueline West
Released: Oct. 22, 2019

"A warm and enchanting read. (Fantasy. 8-13)"
In the second installment of the Collectors series, 11-year-old Van, his friend Pebble, and Barnavelt the squirrel must stop an ancient monster that has the power to grant wishes. Read full book review >
LAST THINGS by Jacqueline West
Released: May 7, 2019

"A little patience pays ample dividends in a suspenseful tale wrought from power chords, creeping darkness, and disquieting twists. (Fantasy. 13-16)"
A secret war comes to a small Minnesota town as teenagers fight both literal and figurative demons. Read full book review >
DIGGING UP DANGER by Jacqueline West
Released: Jan. 15, 2019

"West's tale, decorated with Aly's eerie, cartoon art, is well worth reading on its own—the writing manual takes it to a whole other level. (Paranormal mystery/nonfiction hybrid. 8-14)"
Arrr you ready to read (and possibly write) a spooky mystery? Read full book review >
THE COLLECTORS by Jacqueline West
Released: Oct. 9, 2018

"Readers may not wish to leave this magical world.(Fantasy. 8-12)"
Van, who is hard of hearing and uses hearing aids, discovers the true mission of the City Collection Agency: to collect wayward wishes. Read full book review >
DREAMERS OFTEN LIE by Jacqueline West
Released: April 5, 2016

"A dizzying new twist on one of the Bard's most famous plays. (Fiction. 12 & up)"
After sustaining a head injury, a girl is plagued by hallucinations of Shakespeare's players and soon becomes embroiled in familiar plots. Read full book review >
STILL LIFE by Jacqueline West
Released: June 17, 2014

"A thoroughly satisfying reward for loyal fans of the series. (Fantasy. 9-12)"
In the final installment of the Books of Elsewhere series, Olive goes head to head with Aldous McMartin one last time, with the highest stakes yet. Read full book review >
SPELLBOUND by Jacqueline West
Released: July 1, 2011

The second installment of The Books of Elsewhere (The Shadows, 2010) is a by-the-book fantasy follow-up. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 2010

Preoccupied parents, a solitary young girl, talking cats—sound familiar? Unfortunately for debut author West, not only has this been done before, it's been done better. Still, the premise is intriguing. Magical spectacles enable the wearer to enter the worlds captured in paintings created by an evil, long-dead wizard. "Captured" isn't just a figure of speech: At least one young boy has been turned into a painted replica of himself. Another painting, that of the wizard's (also dead) granddaughter, comes creepily to life. In general, though, the action is sluggish and the ominous atmosphere contrived. Characterization is skimpy at best. Olive's parents adore math. Olive doesn't. The cats are pompous, imaginative and martial, respectively. Ironically enough, it's not just the supernatural effects that fail to convince. Would parents, even those utterly obsessed with their own intelligence and interests, really leave their 11-year-old home alone overnight? The fact that they do precipitates Olive's final confrontation with the wicked wizard. Unfortunately readers probably won't care much about who wins nor about the possibility of volume two. (Fantasy. 10-12)Read full book review >