Books by James Clemens

James Clemens was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1961. With his three brothers and three sisters, he was raised in the Midwest and rural Canada. There, he explored cornfields, tadpoles, and frozen ponds, dreaming of worlds and adventures beyond the next be

WIT’CH GATE by James Clemens
Released: Dec. 1, 2001

"Clemens warns us cannot last forever."
Fourth doorstopper of a promised five in California veterinarian Clemens's epic fantasy (Wit'ch War, 2000, etc.). Read full book review >
WIT’CH WAR by James Clemens
Released: July 5, 2000

Third entry in Clemens's fantasy saga (Wit'ch Storm, 1999, etc.) set in the kingdom of Alasea, where young blood magick-powered wit'ch Elena and the usual array of helpers must recover the lost Blood Diary in order to defeat the world-threatening Dark Lord and his customary evil lieutenant. Read full book review >
WIT'CH FIRE by James Clemens
Released: June 1, 1998

"And any sensible editor would've blue-penciled all those du'mb dam'n apos'trophes. (Author tour)"
Book One of a fantasy series from newcomer Clemens. Read full book review >