WIT'CH FIRE by James Clemens


Vol. I of the Banned and the Banished
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Book One of a fantasy series from newcomer Clemens. The land of Alasea was formerly protected by the spirit god Chi, but 500 years ago the invading Gul’gotha killed all the Chi mages and took up residence; as almost the last act of Chi magic, Er’ril, his brother Shorkan, and the mage Greshym created the Blood Diary. Now, Elena works in the apple orchard with her brother Joach when her hand suddenly turns blood red; she finds herself working magic by accident. Soon, however, horrid agents of Gul’gotha kill Elena’s parents, set the orchard aflame, and capture Joach, though the one-armed juggler Er’ril (the same!), the violet-eyed dryad Nee’lahn, and the mountain giant Kral assist Elena to flee to her uncle Bol. He informs Elena of her magical heritage, and adds that they will need the Blood Diary to defeat Gul’gotha. The book’s concealed in the hidden city of A‘loa Glen, a last pocket of Chi magic. Also joining the expedition to A‘loa Glen will be Tol’chuk, a half-breed og’re, the shapeshifters Mogweed and Fardale, and Meric the el’vin, each with their own agenda and loyalties. The usual complications ensue with no end in sight. A well-organized and sometimes exciting fantasy debut, if disappointingly unoriginal and of indefinite duration. And any sensible editor would’ve blue-penciled all those du’mb dam’n apos’trophes. (Author tour)

Pub Date: June 1st, 1998
ISBN: 0-345-41705-4
Page count: 448pp
Publisher: Del Rey/Ballantine
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: April 15th, 1998


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