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JAMES HAMILTON is University Curator at the University of Birmingham, U.K., and Honorary Research Fellow at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham. He was Alistair Horne Fellow at St. Anthony’s College, Oxford, 1998—1999, and is the a

THE TICK-TOCK MAN by Kersten Hamilton
Released: June 28, 2016

"The strongest volume yet in an enjoyable series that keeps getting better. (author's note) (Steampunk. 9-12)"
"Generations of Kennewicketts have excelled at blowing things up." Read full book review >
A STRANGE BUSINESS by James Hamilton
Released: Sept. 15, 2015

"A fascinating, consistently entertaining exploration into the exploding business of 19th-century art."
A noted historian weaves a brilliantly colorful tapestry. Read full book review >
THE IRE OF IRON CLAW by Kersten Hamilton
Released: July 7, 2015

"The swift pace, quirky humor, and general steampunkery should hold the interest of readers—especially the mechanically and electronically inclined. (Steampunk. 9-12)"
In series opener The Mesmer Menace (2014), the Kennewickett clan foiled the world-conquering plans of the evil pigeon Iron Claw and mesmerizing magician Madini, but recent acts of sabotage at the Automated Inn suggest the dastardly duo have returned to commit more mayhem. Read full book review >
THE MESMER MENACE by Kersten Hamilton
Released: Nov. 19, 2013

"Awkward plotting and clichéd language hobble but don't quite defeat the imaginative, engaging premise. (Steampunk. 9-12)"
Steampunk with training wheels for the chapter-book set. Read full book review >