Books by James P. Othmer

James P. Othmer is an Executive Creative Director at advertising giant Young & Rubicam. His short story, The Futurist, which is an excerpt from this novel, appeared in The Virginia Quarterly Review and was a finalist for the National Magazine Award in Fic

Released: Sept. 15, 2009

"Othmer's engaging dissection of advertising gives consumers valuable insight into how companies manipulate messages to convince us to give them our money."
A former ad man delves into his 20 years in the slogan trenches, musing on how advertising influences us and how the Internet is revamping it. Read full book review >
THE FUTURIST by James P. Othmer
Released: June 6, 2006

"A shrewd, funny and sometimes brutal vision of troubled times."
A geopolitical thriller that aims to please everybody: less gunplay than Tom Clancy, more yuks than Don DeLillo. Read full book review >