Books by Janine di Giovanni

Released: May 3, 2016

"This brilliant, necessary book will hopefully do for Syria what Herr's Dispatches (1977) did for Vietnam."
Newsweek Middle East editor di Giovanni (Ghosts by Daylight: A Modern-Day War Correspondent's Memoir of Love, Loss, and Redemption, 2013) dives headfirst into the nightmarish shadow world of modern Syria.Read full book review >
GHOSTS BY DAYLIGHT by Janine di Giovanni
Released: Sept. 26, 2011

"A plainly told, occasionally exotic tale of love gone awry."
A war correspondent's struggle to leave the battles behind and embark on a life of motherhood. Read full book review >
MADNESS VISIBLE by Janine di Giovanni
Released: Nov. 17, 2003

"Wholly memorable, entirely unsettling: one of the best pieces of reportage to come from the Balkan abattoir."
A searing chronicle of a decade's worth of ethnocide in the former Yugoslavia. Read full book review >