Books by Javier Sierra

THE LADY IN BLUE by Javier Sierra
Released: June 1, 2007

"The book is not always satisfying, but the interest of the material—time travel! music-induced trances! astral projection! larcenous angels with code names and walkie-talkies!—wins out in the end."
An ecclesiastical thriller based on the legend of the Lady in Blue, an apparition said to have prepared indigenous Americans for the arrival of the conquistadores and their missionary Catholicism. Read full book review >
THE SECRET SUPPER by Javier Sierra
Released: March 21, 2006

"Sierra is a more sophisticated writer than Dan Brown, and he offers fresh perspective on the Renaissance mind."
No mere Da Vinci Code redux, this Spanish bestseller fuses an ecclesiastical whodunit with an A-Z guide to Neoplatonist philosophy and Renaissance symbology. Read full book review >