Books by Jay Mathews

Released: Jan. 20, 2009

"A grand example of humanitarianism in the classroom: Naysayers who believe there's no hope for America's inner-city schools haven't met Feinberg and Levin."
Washington Post education writer Mathews (Supertest, 2005, etc.) follows two dynamic teachers as they develop an effective school system tailor-made for "children stuck at the bottom of our public education system." Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 1998

"Fact-filled and engaging, a trenchant study, indispensable to the policy-makers for America's top 230 high schools (as ranked in the book's useful index). (Author tour)"
A probing examination of the strengths and weaknesses—but mostly the weaknesses—of our nation's top-rated and best-funded public high schools. Read full book review >
A MOTHER'S TOUCH by Jay Mathews
Released: Aug. 4, 1992

"There will be other Tiffany Callos, he predicts, pleading convincingly for more humane, compassionate, and imaginative treatment of them."
Mathews, who in Escalante (1988) wrote about the superteacher who inspired his L.A. barrio students, now profiles another crusader against all odds: Tiffany Callo, a cerebral-palsied mother who fought the State of California for custody of her two sons. Read full book review >