Books by Jill Bennett

TASTY POEMS by Jill Bennett
edited by Jill Bennett, illustrated by Nick Sharratt
Released: Nov. 8, 1992

Twelve brief, fairly contemporary entries about food and eating, from the US (Prelutsky, Leland Jacobs), Britain, and the Caribbean (John Agard). The comical tone of the verse is nicely extended in bright double-spread illustrations for each poem, with lively, caricatured figures and amusingly exaggerated details. For those who may not know what Grace Nichols's ``Sugarcake'' is, Sharratt provides almost enough clues to mix up a batch for Carnival; he also introduces new meaning to some of the poems by the imaginative addition of various creatures, such as a giant snake to enjoy ``Meg's Egg'' (Hoberman) and a grinning alligator as narrator of Adoff's ``My Mouth.'' With its high- interest text and illustrations, a good choice for beginning readers. (Poetry/Picture book. 6-9) Read full book review >
A CUP OF STARSHINE by Jill Bennett
Released: Oct. 1, 1991

``I'd like a cup of starshine please/mixed with milk and honey./And when it comes to soup/can I please/have some that's sunny?'' Tucked away near the end, this previously unpublished poem by Romesh Gunesekera sets the whimsically thoughtful tone for a collection put together by the 1990 Farjeon medalist. Farjeon herself appears three times; Bennett has an ear for her brand of light touch, deftly shaped verse, and delicate humor. The subjects progress informally from morning through a school day, making extended detours for animals, nonsense, and some lyrical verse from a childlike point of view before arriving at sundown and bedtime. The familiar is mixed with the unfamiliar, including three variations on ``Little Miss Muffet'' that seem to be by children and some South African entries. Percy's understated color-pencil illustrations are nicely in harmony with the poetry's tone of gentle amusement; unlike more pretentious art, his modest colors and quiet activity don't overwhelm the words. Unusually fresh and appealing. Index. (Poetry. 4-8) Read full book review >