Books by John Farrow

PERISH THE DAY by John Farrow
Released: May 23, 2017

"'Truth is a bastard,' the motto of Farrow's sage sleuth, couldn't be more accurate this time. The revelations about the Dowbiggin community he ends up unearthing are as sordid as they are wildly implausible."
Canadian novelist Trevor Ferguson's sixth pseudonymous outing packs retired Montreal police detective Émile Cinq-Mars and his wife, Sandra, off to Holyoake, New Hampshire, where their plans to attend their niece Caroline's graduation and Sandra's dying mother are swiftly upstaged by a homicide spree. Read full book review >
Released: May 26, 2015

"One of the best mysteries from Canada in some time, this fourth book in a strong series is equally good at capturing the atmosphere of New Orleans and the distinctive qualities of Montreal."
After a farm couple is murdered in Montreal in the wake of a blizzard, newly retired DS Émile Cinq-Mars is asked by an FBI agent to look into possible connections with similar killings in New Orleans. Read full book review >
ICE LAKE by John Farrow
Released: July 17, 2001

"As in his thriller debut, the pseudonymous Farrow (a 'Canadian writer of literary fiction') proves he can make interesting scenes. It's the meandering in between that gets him in trouble."
Montreal supercop Émile Cinq-Mars (City of Ice , 1999) returns, scores, and once again hangs about too long. Read full book review >
CITY OF ICE by John Farrow
Released: May 1, 1999

"The pseudonymous Farrow (—a highly respected Canadian writer of literary fiction—) seeds his first thriller—and first US publication—with good scenes here and there, then plows them under all those pages."
A long, convoluted, debut thriller that's a test of reader stamina. Read full book review >