Books by John Mole

COPY CAT by John Mole
by John Mole, illustrated by Bee Willey
Released: Sept. 1, 1997

The title is meant to be literal: Oliver wakes up one morning to find a strange cat at the bottom of his bed that mimics everything Oliver does—brushing his teeth, playing with blocks, watching television, having lunch. Oliver turns the tables and starts aping the cat: When the cat washes behind its ears, so does Oliver; when the cat jumps onto the dinner table, Oliver follows suit. The cat leaves, but when Oliver wakes up the next morning, a strange dog is at the foot of his bed. Mole deftly conveys just how vexing mimics are, with a couple of refrains that story-hour listeners will find impossible to resist (``the cat did too'' and ``Oliver did too''). Willey's bright gouache palette is loosed upon cats in human positions and humans posturing as cats. A droll piece, and one that hits home. (Picture book. 3-6) Read full book review >