Books by John Williams

WALES HALF WELSH by John Williams
Released: April 15, 2005

"A mixed bag, worth dipping into—especially for Griffiths."
Down and Out in Cardiff and Abersytwyth, with variations. Read full book review >
CARDIFF DEAD by John Williams
Released: Aug. 9, 2001

"The 'mystery' here reflects larger truths and keeps pages turning, but the texture, character and observation Williams gives us are by themselves captivating and rewarding enough."
Sharp and funny rock 'n' roll elegy to youth and a disappearing way of life as Wales joins Europe's shiny future. Read full book review >
MARY SHELLEY by John Williams
Released: Sept. 4, 2000

Most readers know Mary as Percy Shelley's wife and the author of Frankenstein, but many critics feel her writing deserves more attention. British scholar Williams (Romantic Poetry and Revolutionary Politics, 1989) aims to tell her story and evaluate her position in the 19th-century literary canon. Read full book review >