Books by Jonathan Lowy

THE TEMPLE OF MUSIC by Jonathan Lowy
Released: Dec. 28, 2004

"A high-water mark in the ongoing renaissance of the historical novel."
Haves and have-nots go at each other with fateful ferocity in this Gilded Age melodrama, a vigorous follow-up to the author's lively Elvis and Nixon (2001). Read full book review >
ELVIS AND NIXON by Jonathan Lowy
Released: Feb. 1, 2001

"Is Lowy the next Richard Condon? We can only hope so. Oh, by the way, Elvis's interpretation of the New Testament story of Jesus is not to be missed."
Pop culture and recent history are hogtied and transmogrified to smashing effect in Lowy's imaginative and often hilarious first novel, based on an unlikely but factual 1970 occurrence: the then-Prez's White House meeting with The King. Read full book review >