Books by Julie Myerson

THE STOPPED HEART by Julie Myerson
Released: March 29, 2016

"By turns terrifying and heartbreaking; an enthralling spine-chiller."
A long-dead family haunts a ramshackle cottage, the new home of grieving Mary and Graham Coles. Read full book review >
THE LOST CHILD by Julie Myerson
Released: Sept. 1, 2009

"An odd, not always successful conflation of two stories—two artistic young people from separate centuries, one gone too soon, the other, for now, missing in action."
While investigating the life of a Regency-era child artist, British novelist Myerson (Out of Breath, 2008, etc.) endures her own son's drug addiction. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 22, 2003

"An intelligent account of a town succumbing to mass hysteria—but much too gradual in its pace."
Myerson's fifth novel (after Laura Blundy, 2000, etc.) is a portrait of the fears and confusions ignited when a brutal murder takes place in a small English town. Read full book review >
LAURA BLUNDY by Julie Myerson
Released: Oct. 1, 2000

"The labors of love take on new meaning here, but despite the hypnotic quality of the prose, too many shadows fall across the heart of Laura Blundy, concealing more than they reveal."
Starting with a grisly murder scene, Myerson's fourth novel (after Me and the Fat Man, 1999, etc.) probes murky waters in Victorian London, as a woman crippled and in love trades in her surgeon husband for a married laborer. Read full book review >
ME AND THE FAT MAN by Julie Myerson
Released: May 24, 1999

"Extremely moving, very fine and real: Myerson's narration is so masterful and unobtrusive that the outlandishness of her story is overlooked."
The latest offering from British novelist Myerson (The Touch, 1996, etc.) is a heartrending account of a young woman's journey into her own past. Read full book review >
THE TOUCH by Julie Myerson
Released: June 10, 1996

"Honest characterization and a flair for exposing family failings work as well here as before—and even if the portrayal of the outsider ultimately becomes heavy-handed, Myerson is clearly adept at chronicling the wrenching doubts at work in even the most intimate relations."
Myerson follows up her acclaimed debut (Sleepwalking, 1995) with a similarly detailed study of family distress and dysfunction- -but this time there's a wild card: An unbalanced evangelist who inserts himself into the family's unstable dynamic, with catastrophic consequences. Read full book review >
SLEEPWALKING by Julie Myerson
Released: Feb. 9, 1995

"Patchy, but more successful than most takes on dysfunctional family life (and afterlife). (Author tour)"
In this British debut, a convincing character has an unconvincing affair. Read full book review >