Books by June Crebbin

HORSE TALES by June Crebbin
Kirkus Star
edited by June Crebbin, illustrated by Inga Moore
Released: Aug. 1, 2005

"A blue-ribbon winner. (Anthology. 8-14)"
A fine gallop through a field full of horses takes readers from the feisty orange pony of the first story, past an Indian mud pony, Bucephalus, Black Beauty, Misty's forebears, a grey Welsh, a unicorn and a Medieval palfrey. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 1998

"Zany animal antics fill McEwan's illustrations to bursting; the twist is that the next time Tom Farmer falls asleep the animals tiptoe up to him before they raise a ruckus all over again. (Picture book. 2-5)"
Livestock's great out on the range, but when there are cows in the kitchen, sheep on the sofa, and hens on the hatstand, Crebbin warns, look out. Read full book review >
THE TRAIN RIDE by June Crebbin
Released: May 1, 1995

"The chunky shapes of the impressionistic countryside appear in bright chalk pastels; these and the warmly effective finale do hold appeal, but this is a fairly mild trip. (Picture book. 2-5)"
A contemporary looking little girl and her mother climb aboard what looks like a blocky toy train pulled by a steam engine. Read full book review >
FLY BY NIGHT by June Crebbin
Released: May 1, 1993

Little Blink sleeps by day, then waits at night for Mother Owl to come home. Read full book review >