Books by Jürg Amann

LEONCE AND LENA by Georg Büchner
by Georg Büchner, retold by Jürg Amann, illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger, translated by David Henry Wilson
Released: Dec. 1, 2013

"Strange and disconcerting. (biographical material, bibliography) (Play. 10-12)"
A retelling of an early-19th-century German satirical play in which royalty, mistaken identity, rebellion and angst all play out in a fairy-tale setting requires leaps of comprehension beyond its intended audience. Read full book review >
TEN BIRDS by Jürg Amann
by Jürg Amann, illustrated by Helga Gebert, translated by David Henry Wilson
Released: Oct. 1, 2012

"Even children who can't yet read will get at least a portion of the joke. (Picture book. 5-9)"
Ten birds frolic in fractured count-down number rhymes. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 2010

Once there was a poor child who had no father or mother—they, like everyone in the world, had died. In search of heaven, the lonely boy traverses the cosmos, but all that symbolizes hope and possibility is found worthless and what seemed bright and beautiful reeks of despair. The Earth is an empty vessel, and the moon, sun and stars become metaphors for the desolation and disease of the universe. Based on a story found in Georg Büchner's play Woyzeck, Amann's bleak adaptation offers a conversation piece for sophisticated readers. Bhend's lyrical artwork, done in colored pencil and mixed media, with its soft colors and texture, is a welcome contrast to the blackness of space and story. While her style seems simple, her cerebral images aptly represent the child's complex, metaphysical journey and are appropriately ripe with symbols. It is she who leaves readers with the idea that peace and comfort may be possible; the barren, dark realm evoked by the words demands this mercy. This may be a good companion for those studying Büchner, but it's sure not for the usual picture-book audience. (Picture book. 12 & up)Read full book review >