Books by Karen Dismukes

Released: Aug. 1, 2004

Halloween happenings of the mildly scary sort are the thematic focus of this collection of 21 short poems. Most of the poems rhyme, although a few are non-rhyming, in the style (but not the exact form) of haiku. Many of the poems are excellent; a few have some amateurish rhymes or sing-song rhythm; and one or two need a touch of Halloween magic to come alive. If the quality of the poems is a little uneven, the volume's polished design and enchanting beaded illustrations maintain a high level of quality and interest throughout. Dismukes exhibits a fine sense of style and graphic design in her jewel-toned fabric collages embellished with buttons and rows of beads. Her Halloween creatures are a delight: Frankenstein, a green-faced witch, a Cyclops, skeletons, spiders, and ghostly trick-or-treaters in costume. A clever black cat with a curly tail makes repeated but slightly altered appearances, sporting tiny matching fangs for a vampire poem and just one eye when the Cyclops comes to call. Kids who enjoy the spooky side of Halloween will find this a treat. (Poetry. 5-8)Read full book review >