Books by Kate Furnivall

SHADOWS ON THE NILE by Kate Furnivall
Released: Oct. 1, 2013

"Furnivall populates her book with memorable characters, but the story's just so-so."
Furnivall's plucky-as-usual heroine finds adventure and love from London, England, to Luxor, Egypt, in this formulaic romance/adventure (The Russian Concubine, 2007, etc.). Read full book review >
THE WHITE PEARL by Kate Furnivall
Released: March 6, 2012

"Although the characters are thinly motivated, their adventure story, a pleasing mélange of a vintage movie and a Pacific Theater version of Lost, is riveting to the last."
An English matron flees the Japanese with her family, in Furnivall's ripping World War II yarn. Read full book review >