Books by Katherine Hannigan

DIRT + WATER = MUD by Katherine Hannigan
Released: July 12, 2016

"A creative approach + math and science + a map = a book that both entertains and teaches. (Picture book. 4-8)"
A little girl and her dog play outdoors in a story that utilizes math and science concepts. Read full book review >
GWENDOLYN GRACE by Katherine Hannigan
Released: April 21, 2015

"More character study than story. (Picture book. 3-5)"
Gwendolyn Grace, an anthropomorphic alligator, is having a hard time adjusting to being a big sister. Read full book review >
TRUE...SORT OF by Katherine Hannigan
Released: May 1, 2011

"Plenty of action and dialogue carry this uneven story along. (Fiction. 9-12)"
Impetuous, mercurial Delaware Pattison, stuttering Brud and silent, lonely Ferris find an intertwined salvation. Read full book review >
EMMALINE AND THE BUNNY by Katherine Hannigan
Released: March 1, 2009

"The author's winsome watercolors lend an ethereal quality to this sweet, funny story that respectfully maps the warrens of a child's psyche as it celebrates the glorious mess that is nature. (Fiction. 7-10)"
If you lived on Shipshape Street in a town called Neatasapin, you might want a very untidy bunny for a pet too. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 2004

"A poignant, affirming, and often funny debut from a promising new author. (Fiction. 9-12)"
When Ida B's mother undergoes cancer treatment, the idyllically secure world that has informed her character crumbles. Read full book review >