Books by Keith Yocum

Color of Blood by Keith Yocum
Released: June 21, 2016

"A scary, smart, sweet, sexy CIA tale."
Returning to work after his wife's death, a CIA investigator leaves on assignment for Australia, where he encounters danger, romance, and, unexpectedly, poetry. Read full book review >
TITUS by Keith Yocum
Released: Aug. 7, 2013

"A chilling, novel premise that just misses the mark."
During the critical Civil War battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg in 1863, a fictional Union Army regiment is plagued by a mysterious killer. Read full book review >
A DARK PLACE by Keith Yocum

"Continent hopping, clandestine meetings, cruelty, and cuddles—and that's only the C's."
An experienced, cynical CIA investigator faces many changes: a replacement boss, a new partner, a reunited lover, and a London assignment, which turns deadly. Read full book review >