Books by Kent Harrington

LAST FERRY HOME by Kent Harrington
Released: March 13, 2018

"Respected noir veteran Harrington (The Rat Machine, 2013, etc.) returns with a tough and thoughtful novel about grief and its consequences."
Still traumatized by the death of his wife in a sailing accident 18 months ago, San Francisco homicide detective Michael O'Higgins is further tested on his first day back on the job by a gruesome double murder. Read full book review >
DARK RIDE by Kent Harrington
Released: Feb. 15, 1996

"The grisly, deadpan, unnervingly comic tone makes you wonder if Jim Thompson hasn't risen from the grave."
Boy meets girl, boy and girl take turns handcuffing each other to bed, boy and girl plot to kill girl's husband in this sex-soaked noir debut. Read full book review >
A BROTHER TO DRAGONS by Kent Harrington
Released: April 27, 1993

"Okay, maybe the Sicilian-Irish connection is a stretch, but the tension is quite satisfactory, the romance is sexy, the scenery's gritty, and there are lots of appealing supporting roles, including a staunchly independent Jewish New York cop."
The FBI, the IRA, the Mafia, British Military Intelligence, NYPD, and the Royal Ulster Constabulary do considerable violence to each other on the streets of New York. Read full book review >