Books by Kevin Wignall

WHEN WE WERE LOST by Kevin Wignall
Released: June 4, 2019

"Marginal. (Adventure. 14-18)"
A group of students survive a catastrophic plane crash only to be stranded deep in the Amazon. Read full book review >
WHO IS CONRAD HIRST? by Kevin Wignall
Released: Nov. 13, 2007

"Wignall fails to fully exploit the exotic European locales, and the fleeting action sequences leave something to be desired."
A prickly hit man tenders his resignation with lots and lots of bullets in this unconventional flash of pulp fiction. Read full book review >
FOR THE DOGS by Kevin Wignall
Released: July 6, 2004

"Sharp, bleak, and compelling: Wignall's world is darker than anything imagined in Hammett or Chandler. "
In a chilling tale of revenge, second-novelist Wignall's second (after People Die, 2002) follows a young Englishwoman deeper and deeper into the pit as she seeks to avenge her family's murder. Read full book review >
PEOPLE DIE by Kevin Wignall
Released: April 2, 2002

"A gripper that suffers some from overboiled dialogue ('There's no charge for the one who raped my girlfriend, but he owes me the regular fee for Wilson and Sanderton'). Still, it moves briskly to its surprising end."
British author Wignall debuts with a taut and very dark thriller about a hit man who finds he has become the prey of someone else's stalkings. Read full book review >