Books by Kristan Higgins

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT by Kristan Higgins
Released: Aug. 7, 2018

"Higgins' astute, perceptive eye to the best and worst of human nature enhances the poignancy of a sensitive topic, which she navigates with humor and grace."
Two friends who have fought weight issues their whole lives must decide how to move forward when another friend dies after reminding them of a list of "someday" tasks they created as teens to help them appreciate their lives. Read full book review >
NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT by Kristan Higgins
Released: Dec. 26, 2017

"Balancing emotion, humor, and a redemptive theme, Higgins hits all the right notes with precision, perception, and panache."
Years after escaping her tiny Maine community and completely reinventing herself, Nora Stuart is coming home to heal from an accident, determined to forge new connections, especially with her distant mother and angry niece. Read full book review >
ANYTHING FOR YOU by Kristan Higgins
Released: Dec. 29, 2015

"Higgins' masterful storytelling and penetrating study of human nature combined with a dollop of humor make for breathtaking, heart-wrenching, compelling romance."
When Connor O'Rourke decides he wants to marry longtime on-again, off-again secret girlfriend Jessica Dunn and she turns him down flat, he tells her it's over—but no one else will do, despite his sister's attempts at matchmaking and his wish to get over her once and for all. Read full book review >
IF YOU ONLY KNEW by Kristan Higgins
Released: Aug. 25, 2015

"A powerful, emotionally textured winner."
A divorced wedding-dress designer tries to extricate herself from her ex-husband's new life by moving from Manhattan to her suburban hometown, just in time to see her sister's marriage rocked by a sexually graphic text. Read full book review >
IN YOUR DREAMS by Kristan Higgins
Released: Sept. 30, 2014

"Higgins exhibits her storytelling artistry with another stunning romance that includes her trademark touches of laugh-out-loud humor and tear-jerking pathos."
When Emmaline Neal needs a date for her ex-fiance's wedding, Jack Holland volunteers, eager to escape to Malibu from freezing Manningsport, New York, and the community that's branded him a hero. Read full book review >
WAITING ON YOU by Kristan Higgins
Released: March 25, 2014

"Higgins' talent shines, as does her inimitable ability to hit romantic highs, make readers laugh and express heart-wrenching emotion."
Since Lucas Campbell broke Colleen O'Rourke's heart 10 years ago, she's become a star matchmaker while avoiding romantic entanglements herself, which suits her just fine—until Lucas comes back to town. Read full book review >
THE PERFECT MATCH by Kristan Higgins
Released: Oct. 29, 2013

"Another delightful, funny, yet heart-wrenching must-read romance from Higgins."
After proposing to her "best-friend-with-benefits" and being summarily rejected, Honor Holland meets professor Tom Barlow, who needs a green card, and the two agree to a marriage of convenience, risking jail time, their reputations and their hearts. Read full book review >
THE BEST MAN by Kristan Higgins
Released: Feb. 26, 2013

"Another sweet, touching must-read for Higgins fans and anyone who enjoys a perfect combination of humor and romance."
When Faith Holland was abandoned at the altar three years ago, she left her hometown for San Francisco to regroup; coming home to Manningsport, she'll have to confront her past and Levi Cooper, the disturbingly handsome chief of police she blames for ruining her life. Read full book review >
Released: April 24, 2012

"Romance star Higgins pens a near pitch-perfect blend of comedy and touching emotion with this delightful winner."
When heiress Parker Welles learns she's lost everything due to her father's insider trading scheme, she hopes renovating a cabin in Maine will be a partial answer to her financial woes; the last thing she wants or needs is daddy's attorney and right-hand man, James, helping her salvage her inheritance—or her heart. Read full book review >