Books by Kristin Hannah

THE GREAT ALONE by Kristin Hannah
Released: Feb. 6, 2018

"A tour de force."
In 1974, a troubled Vietnam vet inherits a house from a fallen comrade and moves his family to Alaska. Read full book review >
THE NIGHTINGALE by Kristin Hannah
Released: Feb. 3, 2015

"Still, a respectful and absorbing page-turner."
Hannah's new novel is an homage to the extraordinary courage and endurance of Frenchwomen during World War II. Read full book review >
FLY AWAY by Kristin Hannah
Released: April 23, 2013

"Unrelenting gloom relieved only occasionally by wrenching trauma; somehow, though, Hannah's storytelling chops keep the pages turning even as readers begin to resent being drawn into this masochistic morass."
Hannah's sequel to FireflyLane (2008) demonstrates that those who ignore family history are often condemned to repeat it. Read full book review >
HOME FRONT by Kristin Hannah
Released: Jan. 31, 2012

"Less bleak than the subject matter might warrant—Hannah's default outlook is sunny—but still, a wrenching depiction of war's aftermath."
The traumatic homecoming of a wounded warrior. Read full book review >
NIGHT ROAD by Kristin Hannah
Released: March 29, 2011

"A flawed but never dull drama."
A disadvantaged teen finds friendship, acceptance and love with a prosperous Seattle-area family, until a tragic accident changes everything. Read full book review >
WINTER GARDEN  by Kristin Hannah
Released: Feb. 2, 2010

"Bestselling Hannah (True Colors, 2009, etc.) sabotages a worthy effort with an overly neat resolution."
A Russian refugee's terrible secret overshadows her family life. Read full book review >
TRUE COLORS by Kristin Hannah
Released: Feb. 9, 2009

"Above-average formula fiction, making full display of the author's strong suits: sense of place, compassion for characters and understanding of family dynamics."
Female rivalry is again the main preoccupation of Hannah's latest Pacific Northwest sob saga (Firefly Lane, 2008, etc.). Read full book review >
FIREFLY LANE by Kristin Hannah
Released: Feb. 1, 2008

"Dated sermonizing on career versus motherhood, and conflict driven by characters' willed helplessness, sap this tale of poignancy."
Lifelong, conflicted friendship of two women is the premise of Hannah's maudlin latest (Magic Hour, 2006, etc.), again set in Washington State. Read full book review >
MAGIC HOUR by Kristin Hannah
Released: March 1, 2006

"Wacky plot keeps the pages turning and enduring schmaltzy romantic sequences."
Sisters work together to solve a child-abandonment case. Read full book review >
Released: July 1, 2004

"Heartfelt, yes, but pretty routine."
BETWEEN SISTERS by Kristin Hannah
Released: May 1, 2003

"Briskly written soap with down-to-earth types, mostly without the lachrymose contrivances of Hannah's previous titles (Distant Shores, 2002, etc.). Kudos for skipping the snifflefest this time around."
Sisters in and out of love. Read full book review >
DISTANT SHORES by Kristin Hannah
Released: July 1, 2002

"Soft-focus story moves right along with few surprises. This time around, Hannah avoids the soap-opera complications of her previous tales (Summer Island, 2001, etc.)."
Another middle-aged mom in a muddle. Read full book review >
SUMMER ISLAND by Kristin Hannah
Released: March 1, 2001

"The best-selling author of tearjerkers like Angel Falls (2000) serves up yet another mountain of mush, topped off with syrupy platitudes about life and love."
Talk-show queen takes tumble as millions jeer. Read full book review >
ANGEL FALLS by Kristin Hannah
Released: April 1, 2000

" The heartfelt soap appears to be Hannah's chosen romance niche, and she mines it skillfully. (First printing of 125,000)"
Hannah's sequel to On Mystic Lake (1999) is yet another tear-jerker set in northwest Washington State. Read full book review >
ON MYSTIC LAKE by Kristin Hannah
Released: March 31, 1999

Hannah, after eight paperbacks, abandons her successful time-travelers for a hardcover life of kitchen-sink romance. Everyone must have got the Olympic Peninsula memo for this spring because, as of this reading, authors Hannah, Nora Roberts, and JoAnn Ross have all placed their newest romances in or near the Quinault rain forest. Here, 40ish Annie Colwater, returns to Washington State after her husband, high-powered Los Angeles lawyer Blake, tells her he's found another (younger) woman and wants a divorce. Although a Stanford graduate, Annie has known only a life of perfect wifedom: matching Blake's ties to his suits and cooking meals from Gourmet magazine. What is she to do with her shattered life? Well, she returns to dad's house in the small town of Mystic, cuts off all her hair (for a different look), and goes to work as a nanny for lawman Nick Delacroix, whose wife has committed suicide, whose young daughter Izzy refuses to speak, and who himself has descended into despair and alcoholism. Annie spruces up Nick's home on Mystic Lake and sends "Izzy-bear" back into speech mode. And, after Nick begins attending AA meetings, she and he become lovers. Still, when Annie learns that she's pregnant not with Nick's but with Blake's child, she heads back to her empty life in the Malibu Colony. The baby arrives prematurely, and mean-spirited Blake doesn't even stick around to support his wife. At this point, it's perfectly clear to Annie—and the reader—that she's justified in taking her newborn daughter and driving back north. Hannah's characters indulge in so many stages of the weeps, from glassy eyes to flat-out sobs, that tear ducts are almost bound to stay dry. (First printing of 100,000; first serial to Good Housekeeping; Literary Guild/Doubleday book club selections) Read full book review >