Books by Linda Greenlaw

SHIVER HITCH by Linda Greenlaw
Released: June 6, 2017

"Greenlaw's (Lifesaving Lessons, 2013, etc.) experience as a Maine-based lobster-boat captain brings verisimilitude to her descriptions of the people, the landscape, and most of all the wild offshore weather, all neatly rolled into a mystery with plenty of suspects."
A Miami cop finds life very different when she moves to Maine, from the weather to the stubbornly independent people of Green Haven. Read full book review >
Released: March 21, 2012

"A competent work intended to encourage others in similar situations, but will appeal most to fans of Greenlaw's previous Isle au Haut installment, The Lobster Chronicles."
America's only female swordfish-boat captain returns with a straightforward account of the challenges she faced in becoming the legal guardian of a sexually abused teenager and in balancing unexpected motherhood with her reclusive lifestyle on a tiny island off the coast of Maine. Read full book review >
Released: July 1, 2011

"Haute cuisine from Isle au Haut."
Tiny Isle au Haut—winter population 60—off the coast of Maine makes a big splash when a stellar mother-daughter cooking duo team up to bring readers blue-ribbon formulas for great summer eating. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 2010

"A vanishing slice of life caught with ardor and freshness."
Greenlaw (Fisherman's Bend, 2007, etc.) returns to the Grand Banks in search of swordfish. Read full book review >
FISHERMAN’S BEND by Linda Greenlaw
Released: July 1, 2008

"A primer in how to acclimate to Down Easterners that includes step-by-step instructions in knot-tying, navigation and climbing in and out of listing lobster boats. Jane's the best thing to happen to water since Travis McGee."
Maine fishermen almost flummox a tough detective relocated from Miami. Read full book review >
SLIPKNOT by Linda Greenlaw
Released: June 19, 2007

"Greenlaw (All Fisherman Are Liars, 2004, etc.) writes the best storm sequence this side of Hammond Innes, and you could build a boat from her description of its innards. Jane's a prize catch, and so are the crusty down-easters she lives with."
First in a new series featuring a feisty marine investigator. Read full book review >
Released: July 7, 2004

"A crackling collection of fishing yarns."
One of their own takes us along for an enjoyable evening saloon-side in the company of small-scale commercial fishermen and their tales, tall and true. Read full book review >
Released: July 10, 2002

"Straightforward storytelling and captivating reading: satisfying as a Maine lobster dinner."
Greenlaw, who chronicled life as captain of a swordfish boat in The Hungry Ocean (1999), here describes her new work: lobstering on the tiny Maine island where her family lives. Read full book review >
THE HUNGRY OCEAN by Linda Greenlaw
Released: May 12, 1999

"Still, this is a welcome flip side to the multitude of hellzapoppin' peril-at-sea stories, a world apart in its rhythms but often as not just as riveting. (photos, not seen) (Author tour)"
A precise account of what happens aboard a swordfishing boat on the Grand Banks when it is not being terrorized by a perfect storm, from a captain among the fleet. Read full book review >