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LISA GARDNER is the New York Times bestselling author of The Killing Hour, The Survivors Club, The Next Accident, The Other Daughter, The Third Victim, and The Perfect Husband. She lives with her husband, Anthony, in New England, where she is at work on h

LOOK FOR ME  by Lisa Gardner
Released: Feb. 6, 2018

"Despite Gardner's considerable research into the foster-care system, her plot is a tired one populated with cardboard characters and twists any savvy reader will see coming a mile away."
The execution-style murders of a family and the disappearance of their eldest daughter once again bring together a seasoned homicide detective and a kidnap victim-turned-vigilante to find the killer. Read full book review >
RIGHT BEHIND YOU by Lisa Gardner
Released: Jan. 31, 2017

"With its shaky armchair psychology and excessive plot threads, this is a series low point."
A teenager with a troubled past becomes the prime suspect in a string of brutal murders, but ex-FBI profiler Pierce Quincy and his partner, Rainie Conner, think there's more to the story. Read full book review >
FIND HER by Lisa Gardner
Released: Feb. 9, 2016

"A gritty, complicated heroine like Flora Dane deserves a better plot than this needlessly complicated story."
A kidnapping survivor-turned-vigilante tries to save another young woman while the police do everything they can to save them both. Read full book review >
CRASH & BURN by Lisa Gardner
Released: Feb. 3, 2015

"Gardner tacks on so many twists that even the most astute reader will be confused, and even the intriguing resolution, when it finally comes, doesn't answer all the plot's unnecessary questions."
A New Hampshire cop tries to piece together a mysterious woman's life following a car accident and discovers nothing is as it seems. Read full book review >
FEAR NOTHING by Lisa Gardner
Released: Jan. 7, 2014

"If you think Gardner pulled out all the stops in D.D.'s previous cases (Catch Me, 2012, etc.), you ain't seen nothing yet. Better fasten your seat belt for this roller-coaster ride through family hell."
Recovering from a nasty fall down a flight of stairs, Detective D.D. Warren, of Boston Homicide, tangles with a pair of sisters who put her pain in a whole new perspective. Read full book review >
TOUCH & GO by Lisa Gardner
Released: Feb. 5, 2013

"Even readers who figure out the ringleader long before Tessa and Wyatt will get behind on their sleep turning pages to make sure they're right."
A team of hard-nosed professionals interrupts a troubled couple's tentative reunion by kidnapping them both, along with their teenage daughter, in Gardner's latest kitchen-sink thrill ride. Read full book review >
CATCH ME by Lisa Gardner
Released: Feb. 7, 2012

"Irresistible high-wire melodrama, though it's easy to see why D.D. observes, 'I think we just fell into a Lifetime movie.'"
Like her fifth case (Love You More, 2011, etc.), Boston PD Det. Sgt. D.D. Warren's sixth subordinates her to another woman just as strong as she is, and a lot more interesting. Read full book review >
LOVE YOU MORE by Lisa Gardner
Released: March 8, 2011

In her fifth case (Live to Tell, 2010, etc.), Sergeant Detective D.D. Warren takes on one tough mother. Read full book review >
LIVE TO TELL by Lisa Gardner
Released: July 13, 2010

"An adventurous tale with a bit too much 'woo-woo' paranormal but just the right pace and lots of action. Gardner (The Neighbor, 2009, etc.) has another hit on her hands."
Sergeant Detective D.D. Warren returns to delve into a series of family murders. Read full book review >
GONE by Lisa Gardner
Released: Jan. 31, 2006

"As ever, Gardner is hot to plot, but few are the twists fresh enough to counter been-there-read-that."
A cop—and mainstay of the Connor-Quincy series (The Killing Hour, 2003, etc.)—is kidnapped, but is it really for ransom? Read full book review >
ALONE by Lisa Gardner
Released: Jan. 11, 2005

"Gardner (The Killing Hour, 2003, etc.) tends to overplot, but as always the strength of her characters keeps the pages turning."
A straight-arrow cop gets entangled with a crooked lady and—surprise!—rues the day. Read full book review >
THE KILLING HOUR by Lisa Gardner
Released: July 15, 2003

"Too much psychobabble, technobabble, and envirobabble, yet the appeal of the young sleuths (smart, funny, tough) almost saves the day."
A cunning serial killer plays devilish mind games with his would-be captors—and what else is new? Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 4, 2001

"Consistent suspense stumbles only in the final confrontation. Seasoned, older crime-fighter Quincy is wooden, Connor delightfully brash and spunky."
Gardner debuts in hardcover with a cool and mostly accomplished psychokiller tale, again following the adventures of FBI agent Pierce Quincy and private-eye Lorraine "Rainie" Connor. Read full book review >