Books by Loretta Krupinski

PIRATE TREASURE by Loretta Krupinski
Released: April 1, 2006

"Nothing subtle here, but that may be the best course for some young audiences. (Picture book. 6-8)"
"Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning." Read full book review >
THE ROYAL MICE by Loretta Krupinski
Released: Sept. 1, 2004

"Mildly amusing and shiny to look at. (Picture book. 4-8)"
Faster than youngsters can learn to spell Despereaux, a troupe of brave little mice save themselves from a cat-for-hire in this tale both pretty and silly. Read full book review >
NAMES FOR SNOW by Judi K. Beach
Released: Oct. 1, 2003

"The quiet verbal and visual rhythms makes this feasible bedtime reading, but children may wonder when Mama is going to get around to answering the question, feeling left out in the cold by what she does say. (Picture book. 6-8)"
A child's question ("Mama, what is snow?") launches a high-toned reply, illustrated with wintry, elaborately detailed rural scenes. Read full book review >
CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY by Loretta Krupinski
Released: Sept. 1, 2002

"Children in the New York area are a natural audience for this merry mouse tale, but the appealing illustrations and country mouse-city mouse connection make will help this story travel to cozy story times in any location. (Picture book. 3-7)"
Two charming country mice reprise the Nativity story with a New York City setting. Read full book review >
MY WORLD OF COLOR by Margaret Wise Brown
Released: April 1, 2001

"Stealing the spotlight in this way weakens rather than complements the text, resulting in an awkward mix of art and literature. (Picture book. 3-5)"
When painter mouse and his young apprentice leave their castle to explore, they touch, smell, and observe, immersing themselves in the experience, and then wield their paintbrushes to capture some of the colors they find. Read full book review >
INTO THE WOODS by Loretta Krupinski
Released: April 30, 1997

"A walk in the woods, touched by whimsy. (index) (Picture book. 7-11)"
A personal nature diary from Krupinski (Bluewater Journal, 1995, etc.) that includes drawings of familiar woodland plants and animals, as well as nature lore, folk tales, and observations, all in brown typeface that resembles hand- lettering. Read full book review >
Released: April 30, 1996

"With an author's note on sources, this is a good addition to folklore collections and a must for collectors of Cinderella variants. (Picture book/folklore. 5-10)"
To her series of retellings (The Egyptian Cinderella, 1989; The Korean Cinderella, 1993) Climo adds this Irish version featuring a large-footed male character sometimes called Billy Beg and here named Becan. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 30, 1995

"Institutions concerned about the religious content of their materials will be comfortable with this presentation; Christian readers may find it somewhat blunt. (Picture book. 6-9)"
This revision of Cooney's Christmas (1967) is aimed at a religiously diverse audience. Read full book review >
Released: May 30, 1995

"A worthwhile adventure, and a small slice of nautical history. (glossary) (Picture book. 6-9)"
Krupinski (A New England Scrapbook, 1994) notes that she pored over old logbooks and letters to create this fictional journal of a 19th-century boy's sea journey from Mystic, Conn. to Hawaii. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 1992

"A welcome contribution to ecology for the very young. (Nonfiction/Picture book. 3-7)"
A celebration and natural history of the helpful ``underground gardeners.'' In warm brown, pale greens, and bright touches of pink and orange, Krupinski uses double-spread cross sections to depict both the soil surface with its plants, animals, and people and the busy earthworms below, effectively focusing attention with her sparse detail, flat shapes, and eye-on-the-ground perspectives. Read full book review >
SAILING TO THE SEA by Mary Claire Helldorfer
Released: May 1, 1991

"An effective evocation of a happy experience. (Picture book. 3-8)"
A small boy recounts his three-day voyage on a sailboat with an aunt and uncle, going to join the rest of his family for a beach vacation. Read full book review >