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Released: Aug. 1, 2012

"A rethinking of the term 'success' provides new insight on how to raise today's youth."
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Released: Oct. 10, 1996

Cogent evidence that media violence encourages aggression, desensitization, and pessimism in young people, combined with clear advice to parents on how to protect their children. A psychologist and school consultant, as well as a concerned mother of three, Levine brings both professional expertise and personal commitment to the task at hand: demonstrating what social scientists know about how media violence affects the young, helping parents make decisions about their children's viewing, and providing parents with concrete suggestions for reducing the media's negative effects. She reviews the relevant research first, effectively answering the questions of those who still harbor any doubts about the harmful effects of media violence. Next, she looks at how children at different developmental stages experience the world, their cognitive and moral development, and their management of aggressive feelings. Parents can turn directly to the chapters dealing with the age group that interests them—35 years, 68, 911, 1214, and 1518. Levine hopes that parents armed with a clear understanding of their children's development will be better able to make decisions about which programs are appropriate for them. She follows this up with some concrete suggestions, e.g., watch television with your children, teach children to watch with a purpose, insist on reading, provide other cultural opportunities, and become an activist. Levine strongly advocates the addition of media literacy courses to the school curriculum, and urges parents to get involved in bringing this about. Her final chapter is directed at the schools, media, and the government, but Levine makes it clear that parents bear the primary responsibility for creating a healthy cultural environment for their children. An empowering message for concerned parents. (Author tour) Read full book review >