Books by Marilyn Reynolds

TOO SOON FOR JEFF by Marilyn Reynolds
Released: Aug. 1, 1994

"Another candidate for next year's BBYA list. (Fiction. 12+)"
Jeff, almost 18, and Christy, two years younger, have been going together for months. Read full book review >
DETOUR FOR EMMY by Marilyn Reynolds
Released: Aug. 15, 1993

"Then, steer them on to Wolff's Make Lemonade (p. 670) and Doherty's Dear Nobody (1992)—two powerful, beautifully written books on the same topic, and just as accessible and authentic. (Fiction. 12-16)"
From a publisher known for nonfiction on pregnancy and parenting for teen parents, a novel detailing one single mother's experiences from her first date with Art, in ninth grade, through giving birth at 16 and later completing community college. Read full book review >