Books by Marion Wiesel

NIGHT by Elie Wiesel
Released: Sept. 12, 2017

"Wiesel's memoir, first published in English in 1960, has emerged as a classic work of literature from that darkest of eras, and it deserves to be read and reread for decades to come."
A reissue of Wiesel's (Open Heart, 2012, etc.) foundational, exemplary memoir of the Holocaust. Read full book review >
NIGHT by Elie Wiesel
by Elie Wiesel, translated by Marion Wiesel
Released: Jan. 16, 2006

"The author's youthfulness helps to assure the inevitable comparison with the Anne Frank diary although over and above the sphere of suffering shared, and in this case extended to the death march itself, there is no spiritual or emotional legacy here to offset any reader reluctance."
Elie Wiesel spent his early years in a small Transylvanian town as one of four children. Read full book review >
THE TRIAL OF GOD by Elie Wiesel
Released: May 17, 1979

"Finding a shape for the ultimate seriousness that infuses his thought remains Wiesel's thorn; his success here again is only intermittent."
Inside "the kingdom of night"—the concentration camp—Wiesel actually witnessed a trial which put God up as the accused, charged with being either accepting of or blind to the murder of HIS chosen people. Read full book review >
A JEW TODAY by Elie Wiesel
Released: Oct. 12, 1978

"No cumulative effect but, with the Holocaust, a strong, inescapable impact."
Recent essays. Read full book review >
THE OATH by Elie Wiesel
Released: Nov. 15, 1973

"Demanding and rewarding."
Again Wiesel's richly somber, close and faintly cantorial prose flows over and repolishes the same impenetrable mysteries: that the massacre of innocents transmits a lifelong burden to the survivor; and that the survivor, both doomed and blessed, is forced to confront the knowledge of death which is "not a solution but a question, the most human question of all." Read full book review >