Books by Mark Sullivan

OUTLAW by Mark Sullivan
Released: Oct. 22, 2013

"As in Monarch's debut (Rogue, 2012), veteran Sullivan throws every popcorn-movie cliché you can think of into the mix. The result is the most soothingly predictable geopolitical thriller imaginable."
Who you gonna call when a dastardly terrorist cabal kidnaps the foreign ministers of China, India and the U.S.? Master thief and CIA alum Robin Monarch, of course. He'll shake things up for sure. Read full book review >
PRIVATE BERLIN by James Patterson
Released: Jan. 21, 2013

"Call it cut-rate Bourne, then, with enough action to keep the story moving and enough verisimilitude to belay having to suspend disbelief too often."
Another industrial thriller from the Patterson (Private Games, 2012, etc.) factory. Read full book review >
ROGUE by Mark Sullivan
Released: Oct. 2, 2012

"Sullivan, who most recently co-authored Private Games (2012) with James Patterson, has long since mastered the art of purging every bit of scenic or psychological interest from his exercises in can-you-top-this plotting. The closest analogies are summer movies from Entrapment to the Mission: Impossible franchise."
Hide the good china: Sullivan (Triple Cross, 2009, etc.) launches a new series with even more helter-skelter action than his stratospheric average. Read full book review >
PRIVATE GAMES by Mark Sullivan
Released: Feb. 13, 2012

"A pleasant romp all the same; as lightweight as a whiffleball—but fun. "
Zingy formula—emphasis on formula—fiction from the literary maquiladora that is James Patterson. Read full book review >
JONAH SEES GHOSTS by Mark Sullivan
Released: July 1, 2003

"A trifle precious in its sentiments but animated by a real sincerity and freshness of outlook."
A grief-stricken teenager strenuously attempts to put to rest the ghost of his dead father—literally. Read full book review >