Books by Marlaine Delargy

ANOTHER LIFE by Theodor Kallifatides
Released: Sept. 25, 2018

"A fascinating look into a prolific author's mind, especially welcome since there have not been enough English translations of his books."
A memoir caught in the throes of linguistic biculturalism. Read full book review >
EVENTIDE by Therese Bohman
Released: April 10, 2018

"Intelligent, impassioned, and compelling, Bohman's latest explores complex inner worlds with great sensitivity and insight."
A perceptive novel about early-middle-age angst as an art history professor realizes the constraints on her sexual and professional lives. Read full book review >
A FORTUNE FORETOLD by Agneta Pleijel
Released: June 13, 2017

"A delicate study of a young girl's maturation, airy and filled with imagery of light, at times advancing unevenly, but more often funny, familiar, and profound."
An autobiographical novel by Swedish novelist, poet, and playwright Pleijel about a young woman's search for meaning, identity, and independence. Read full book review >
QUICKSAND by Henning Mankell
Released: Jan. 10, 2017

"'I have written about crime because it illustrates more clearly than anything else the contrasts that form the basis of human life,' writes Mankell. After digesting these piercing intimations of mortality, readers will suspect that some subjects illustrate those contrasts even more clearly."
Diagnosed with the cancer that would take his life in 2015, the creator of the Kurt Wallander mysteries (An Event in Autumn, 2014, etc.) casts an impassioned eye on life and death. Read full book review >
THE OTHER WOMAN by Therese Bohman
Released: Feb. 23, 2016

"Philosophical, passionate, and pensive—a novel that explores the psychology of both intimacy and lust."
A woman with an almost Dostoevskian loneliness becomes the other woman in this novel of class and passion. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 15, 2015

"The case reaching back in time is considerably more tangled and less urgent than the one that points disquietingly toward the future, threatening to claim new victims. Through it all, DI Irene Huss remains appealingly unflappable under pressure."
Göteborg's Violent Crimes Unit never has a nice day. But this summer they're especially hard-pressed by diminishing numbers and a caseload that's soared a lot faster than Swedish temperatures. Read full book review >
THE BEIGE MAN by Helene Tursten
Released: Feb. 3, 2015

"Effectively puzzling till the final pages, rewardingly logical in its conclusion: One of Irene's best."
The seventh case for DI Irene Huss (The Golden Calf, 2013, etc.) gives Göteborg's Violent Crimes Unit still another chance to show why it's so well-named.Read full book review >
THE HIDDEN CHILD by Camilla Läckberg
Released: May 15, 2014

"Fans of Nordic noir will appreciate this taut, twisty mystery enriched with historical detail."
Three months ago, Erica Falck asked a collector of Nazi memorabilia about a medal she found among her mother's effects. Now he's discovered dead from a blow to the head, and the question of who killed him is only the first of many mysteries. Read full book review >
1222 by Anne Holt
by Anne Holt, translated by Marlaine Delargy
Released: Dec. 1, 2011

"Holt (What Is Mine, 2006, etc.) makes curmudgeonly Hanna the perfectly astringent guide to this nightmare whodunit out of Ellery Queen's The Siamese Twin Mystery and Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None."
A train accident strands retired Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen in the middle of a fierce snowstorm with 268 other passengers, one of whom begins to murder the others in this brainy page-turner. Read full book review >
HARBOR  by John Ajvide Lindqvist
Released: Oct. 1, 2011

"Perhaps not a book to read by the seashore, if you're literal-minded. A spooky pleasure, expertly told."
Scandinavian writers dominate the police-procedural genre. Are they now bent on taking over horror? Swedish creepmeister Lindqvist is hot on the case. Read full book review >
THE HYPNOTIST by Lars Kepler
Released: July 1, 2011

"What Bark is trying to say is that there are monsters hiding everywhere beneath the reasonable and rational, and Kepler's book makes for a satisfying and scary testimonial."
A new star enters the firmament of Scandinavian thrillerdom, joining the likes of Larsson, Nesbø and Mankell. Read full book review >
THE UNIT by Ninni Holmqvist
Released: June 9, 2009

"Orwellian horrors in a Xanadu on Xanax—creepily profound and most provocative."
Pricey shops that require no money. Gardens that trump Monet's. Creature comforts galore. But Swedish ace Holmqvist's English-language debut soon discloses a catch. Read full book review >
THE BLACK PATH by Åsa Larsson
Released: Aug. 5, 2008

"Larsson's attraction to the pathology of psychological and physical violence is so baleful and intense that it's almost a relief to see her troubled heroine upstaged by an even more troubled group of suspects."
Still reeling from her last encounter with evil (The Blood Spilt, 2007), Stockholm attorney Rebecka Martinsson accepts a probationary position as special prosecutor in a third fraught murder case. Read full book review >
THE BLOOD SPILT by Åsa Larsson
Released: Feb. 6, 2007

"A virtuoso mood piece that works endless changes on its unforgiving landscape."
Stockholm attorney Rebecka Martinsson, still recovering from the bloodbath that ended Sun Storm (2006), gets a dose of the best possible medicine: another murdered pastor in a small town up north. Read full book review >
SUN STORM by Åsa Larsson
Released: May 2, 2006

"Larsson depicts her characters with mordant wit and describes their village with richly atmospheric details. A flurry of clues, however, fails to conceal familiar, uncomplicated and predictable plotting."
Snowdrifts and deep secrets bury a small village in Sweden. Read full book review >