Books by Marleen Westera

SHEEP AND GOAT by Marleen Westera
Released: Nov. 1, 2006

Goat is talkative, impulsive, curious and full of energy, while Sheep tends to be quiet, sensible, pensive and sedentary, but the two have more in common than it initially appears. Together, these two young females share a comfortable meadow on a sleepy farm. Life isn't perfect there; they often quarrel, but they also get along wonderfully. As the seasons pass, there are storms, stomachaches, new friends, familiar visitors, comfortable conversations, birthdays, accidents, important discoveries, startling transformations, passing moods as well as some quiet—and not-so-quiet—adventures. Through it all, Sheep and Goat learn, grow and explore what it means to be a true friend. Reminiscent in tone of Frog and Toad, this comforting tale of a developing friendship is replete with gentle humor and filled with subtle philosophy. Simple, evocative drawings perfectly complement the story's warmth and generous spirit. A great choice for young readers and an excellent read aloud. (Fiction. 7-10)Read full book review >