Books by Sylvia Van Ommen

THE SURPRISE by Sylvia Van Ommen
Released: April 1, 2007

"A feel-good tale in any language, bright in both mood and color. (Picture book. 5-7)"
In this modest, wordless, tongue-in-cheek episode (available since 2004 with a Spanish title), a sheep knits a cozy gift from its own wool. Read full book review >
SHEEP AND GOAT by Marleen Westera
Released: Nov. 1, 2006

"A great choice for young readers and an excellent read aloud. (Fiction. 7-10)"
Goat is talkative, impulsive, curious and full of energy, while Sheep tends to be quiet, sensible, pensive and sedentary, but the two have more in common than it initially appears. Read full book review >
JELLYBEANS by Sylvia Van Ommen
Released: May 1, 2005

"The achievement cannot be overestimated—feather light treatment of the weightiest subject and all of it made charmingly comprehensible. (Picture book. 4-8)"
A small, framed line drawing of a rabbit receiving a text message hints at the gentle understatement within this small gem. Read full book review >