Books by Mary Gardner

OUTLAW BIKER by Mary Gardner
Released: March 1, 2008

"Fast-paced and fun, but rambles too much for its own good."
Biker rides, deals drugs, goes to Vegas, repeats. Read full book review >
BOAT PEOPLE by Mary Gardner
Released: March 1, 1995

This tale of Vietnamese immigrants and others in Galveston, Tex., has some great moments, but it also has so many characters that none of them can be explored in depth. Read full book review >
MILKWEED by Mary Gardner
Released: Sept. 6, 1994

"A sad ballad in a minor key. (Author tour)"
Reading Gardner's second novel (after Keeping Warm, 1987) is like being stuck on a slow merry-go-round with stationary beige horses and no music: It's diverting for the first turn, then you get the feeling you've already been there...again and again and again. Read full book review >