Books by Matthew Dennison

"OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY" by Matthew Dennison
Released: April 11, 2017

"Potter described her stories as giving 'pleasure without ugliness.' The same can be said of this respectful biography."
The life of the prolific children's author was circumscribed, even by Victorian standards. Read full book review >
THE TWELVE CAESARS by Matthew Dennison
Released: June 25, 2013

"Dennison provides a capable series of portraits, but those searching for a richer analysis of Roman culture and government during this era should read Adrian Goldsworthy or Michael Grant."
Roman historian Suetonius wrote The Twelve Caesars in the second century, and many subsequent writers have appropriated the title. In this latest example, British journalist Dennison (Livia, Empress of Rome, 2011, etc.) summarizes Suetonius and other ancients (Pliny, Tacitus, Cassius Dio, Josephus) as well as scholars today, who often quarrel with their interpretations. Read full book review >
LIVIA, EMPRESS OF ROME by Matthew Dennison
Released: Jan. 4, 2011

"A deeply considered look at women and power in the late Roman age."
Wife of one emperor, mother of another, Empress Livia proves a powerful tool with which to amplify on the "dog days" of the Roman Empire. Read full book review >