Books by Matthew Reilly

THE TOURNAMENT by Matthew Reilly
Released: July 21, 2015

"Approach with an optimistic suspension of disbelief—Elizabeth I in Constantinople investigating murders, really?—and enjoy a rollicking good yarn."
Oh, to dine with Ignatius de Loyola, Michelangelo, and Roger Ascham, genius Cambridge scholar and royal tutor: the soon-to-be-queen Elizabeth did just that one fine Constantinople afternoon. Read full book review >
THE GREAT ZOO OF CHINA by Matthew Reilly
Released: Jan. 27, 2015

"This is Jurassic Park retold, without enough of a twist to make the retelling seem necessary."
Dragons, crocodiles and Communist Party bureaucrats abound in Reilly's (Scarecrow Returns, 2012, etc.) latest thriller.Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 3, 2012

"Action comic overkill."
Scarecrow is back. Read full book review >
THE 6 SACRED STONES by Matthew Reilly
Released: Jan. 1, 2008

"Basically a video game in print. Exhausting."
With the sun's evil twin headed straight for the Earth, our planet's fate is in the balance, but ancient codes and monuments may hold the key for a way out of the seemingly inevitable intra-galactic smashup. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 1, 2006

"Ridiculous, but fun."
The names may have changed but the game remains the same as Reilly (Scarecrow, 2004, etc.) offers up another absurdly over-the-top adventure with this globetrotting thriller. Read full book review >
SCARECROW by Matthew Reilly
Released: March 24, 2004

"Superb print version of a video game shoot-'em-up."
Third installment in the way, way over-the-top action adventures of US Marine Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield, and the best yet from this Australian author (Contest, 2003, etc.). Read full book review >
CONTEST by Matthew Reilly
Released: March 10, 2003

"Reilly says he had to self-publish Contest 'after every major publisher in Sydney rejected it.' Those editors should keep their jobs."
The Australian author of three breathlessly plotted action thrillers (Area 7, 2002, etc.) unveils what was his first novel. Read full book review >
AREA 7 by Matthew Reilly
Released: Feb. 12, 2002

"Reilly's least believable, but most suspenseful blow-'em-up to date: The jet-boat chase through the blind chasms of Arizona's Lake Powell puts the Bond books to shame."
Fresh from his adventures in the Antarctic (Ice Station, 1999), Marine Captain Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield handles more high-tech mayhem and death-defying action when he escorts the president of the US into a top-secret Utah Air Force Base. Read full book review >
TEMPLE by Matthew Reilly
Released: Jan. 19, 2001

"Michael Crichton meets Indiana Jones in a campy, blatantly derivative, nonstop plot-boiler: great, gasping, mindless fun."
Australian thriller writer Reilly follows up his high-tech adventure Ice Station (1999), this time sending a mild-mannered professor on a breathless, hokey, beat-the-bad-guys hunt for an ancient Inca artifact that could blow apart the planet. Read full book review >
ICE STATION by Matthew Reilly
Released: Sept. 1, 1999

"Alistair MacLean meets the X-Files, in a first novel by Australian writer Reilly that's as silly and satisfying as a wide-screen Hollywood blockbuster."
Rollicking, think-and-you-missed-it military action-adventure pits a lone Marine against highly trained hostile troops, a secret government organization, killer whales, Stealth fighters, mutant monsters, and an entire submarine in a multinational race to claim what might be an alien spaceship frozen in the Antarctic ice. Read full book review >