Books by Melissa Pritchard

A SOLEMN PLEASURE by Melissa Pritchard
Released: May 12, 2015

"As with many collections, the quality varies, but the best of these heartfelt essays bear powerful witness to suffering, compassion, and transcendence."
Essays in praise of writing and faith. Read full book review >
PALMERINO by Melissa Pritchard
Released: Jan. 14, 2014

"Although the florid prose and pages of 19th-century discourse sometimes suffocate the story and may prove off-putting for some readers, Pritchard excellently maintains control of a multifaceted exploration of lesbianism."
Pritchard (The Odditorium, 2012, etc.) blurs past and present, male and female, living and dead, and reality and fiction in a supernaturally infused, innovative story about Victorian-era novelist Vernon Lee and her modern-day biographer. Read full book review >
LATE BLOOMER by Melissa Pritchard
Released: March 16, 2004

"The quirkiness feels forced, the sex dreary. Pritchard fans will be disappointed."
A middle-aged romance writer's affair with a younger man feeds her fiction in Pritchard's third novel (Selene of the Spirits, 1998, etc.), which aspires to comment on the genre. Read full book review >
Released: May 21, 2002

"Stories, like their heroine, so brave and full of life that obvious flaws—lapses in logic; tendencies to jump off romantic cliffs—are forgivable."
Novelist and short-story writer Pritchard (Selene of the Spirits, 1998, etc.) links eight tales in the life of her slightly off-kilter, often misguided but always-intriguing heroine. Read full book review >
SELENE OF THE SPIRITS by Melissa Pritchard
Released: Nov. 16, 1998

"Fit to stand on the shelf with Fowles's The French Lieutenant's Woman and Byatt's Possession. (Author tour; TV satellite tour)"
paper 0-86538-095-3 Moving, deeply satisfying fiction, set with great exactitude in 1870s England, that chronicles the turbulent romance of an ambitious, scientist with a gifted young medium. Read full book review >
THE INSTINCT FOR BLISS by Melissa Pritchard
Released: Sept. 1, 1995

"For Oprah fans with literary pretensions."
The Flannery O'Connor Awardwinner (Spirit Seizures, 1987, etc.) collects another dozen of her stories from small literary magazines, all with a sort of creative-writing-school polish: the deep imagery, the quasi-poetic metaphors, the overwrought beginnings and endings, and the controlling single idea (i.e., the high concept). Read full book review >
PHOENIX by Melissa Pritchard
Released: Nov. 20, 1991

"But for most serious students of the Sixties, Kerouac is best, sharper, still the real thing."
This debut novel by a two-time Flannery O'Connor Award-winner (Spirit Seizures, 1987) is really a picaresque novella, the occasional chronicle of a young woman's life on the road during the heyday of hippiedom. Read full book review >