Books by Michael Redhill

CONSOLATION by Michael Redhill
Released: Jan. 10, 2007

"Not a failure—it's a worthy successor to Richard Powers's similarly time-shifting novel, Gain—but its seams occasionally show."
The death of a prominent but scandalized scholar prompts a search for a photographic record of early Toronto in Redhill's second novel (Martin Sloane, 2002), in which narrative leaps between the 19th and 20th centuries. Read full book review >
FIDELITY by Michael Redhill
Released: March 23, 2004

"A series of frustrating near-misses from an obviously talented writer."
Faith, keeping it or breaking it, is the theme that ties together a debut collection from Canadian novelist Redhill (Martin Sloane, 2002). Read full book review >
MARTIN SLOANE by Michael Redhill
Released: June 19, 2002

"From a promising young Canadian writer, a failed effort that says everything quite well but may not interest many."
A college girl's romance with an older artist turns into a serious relationship and then a mystery—after he disappears without a trace. Read full book review >