Books by Michael Roberts

GRACE by Grace Coddington
Released: Nov. 20, 2012

"Great read for those interested in events in the fashion industry and the personalities who shape it."
A lively glimpse of the fashion industry and the characters behind it from American Vogue creative director Coddington. Read full book review >
WHAT'S FOR DINNER? by Michael Roberts
Released: Sept. 18, 1992

Roberts, executive chef at Trumps restaurant in L.A., presents recipes for the dishes he likes to cook at home. His repertoire—as eclectic as that of most contemporary chefs—has a homey, nostalgic base and a tendency to stuff the flesh course, whether it be whole birds, chicken breasts, veal, salmon, or prawns. Chapters cover hot and cold dinners; updates of his Jewish grandmothers' old-country dishes and of lowbrow 50's fare (e.g., tuna-noodle casserole); stolid meatless meals and ``politically correct'' grain-and-bean dishes still tainted with sausages or other meats; quick meals (several of them based on scallops) and company meals that turn out to be mostly roasts and no fancier than his others; and his versions of less familiar French and Italian and less authentic Mexican and Asian dishes. (These last, Roberts promises, ``don't depend on trips to Chinatown'' for ingredients.) Complete with advice and historical/cultural chat more predictable than the recipes—unexceptional fare that's well positioned to meet the current mood for cosmopolitan comfort food. (Color photographs throughout.) Read full book review >