Books by Mike Wilks

Released: Oct. 13, 2009

Elevated suddenly from village weaver's son to apprentice of the city of Vlam's most eminent living painter, young Melkin Womper also finds himself cast into the middle of a vicious civil conflict in this tumultuous trilogy opener. Mel gets off to a rough start but thanks to native wit, uncommon artistic talent and a pair of sidekicks (one a great clockmaker's equally gifted daughter, the other a well-meaning frenemy), he ultimately plays a pivotal role in helping his master Ambrosius Blenk counter the murderous attacks of a corrupt ministry called the Fifth Mystery. Better yet, much of the action takes place not in Vlam but within a series of magical landscape paintings—some stocked with a rousing array of Hieronymus Bosch-style monsters. Positively riddled with captures, rescues and hair's-breadth escapes, not to mention melodramatically sinister villains and quirky artistic types, this airy romp makes a refreshing change of pace from the general run of high-toned sword-and-sorcery epics. (Fantasy. 11-13)Read full book review >