Books by Nan Parson Rossiter

THE FO'C'SLE by Henry Beston
Released: July 26, 2012

"The language and visuals both will put budding naturalists in a meditative mood. (Picture book. 6-8, adult)"
A poetic tribute to an early-20th-century cousin of Walden and the house where it was written. Read full book review >
SUGAR ON SNOW by Nan Parson Rossiter
Released: Jan. 1, 2003

"They ought to organize and demand a minimum wage. (Picture book. 5-8)"
Rossiter's (The Way Home, 1999, etc.) story of a family's day in the sugar bush is a bit too solemn for the occasion, and there is a static quality to the artwork that drains much of the life out of the elemental act of sugaring. Read full book review >
THE WAY HOME by Nan Parson Rossiter
Released: Sept. 1, 1999

"Readers will cherish this hearty tale and the seasonal cycle it embraces. (Picture book. 5-9)"
Rossiter (Rugby & Rosie, 1997, etc.) gives readers a sympathetic story about the nursing of an injured Canada goose back to health, and the gander and boy that stuck by her. Read full book review >
RUGBY & ROSIE by Nan Parson Rossiter
Released: March 1, 1997

"A resonant debut. (Picture book. 5-9)"
Rossiter's first book is a moving and informative account of a family and the puppy they raise for a year, until she is old enough to train to become a guide dog. Read full book review >